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Non existent Customer services

(Topic created on: 27-11-2020 01:47 PM)
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I hope someone from Samsung is reading this account of my experience as I intend to put as many people off buying Samsung products as I can


On 7th October 2020 I placed an order  for a new Samsung M51, taking advantage of the trade in offer of £75.00, the sum to pay was £254.00 which I charged to my Amex Card..


The delivery was scheduled for a ‘time between’ the next day, due to ‘problems’ the courier was unable to deliver, it was eventually delivered 30 hours after the promised time, this I understand was outside of Samsung control.


The phone eventually arrived, I took delivery and received an email saying my order was complete.


In between I received an envelope to return my ‘Trade In device’ I dispatched this on 12 October 2020  and having received numerous emails asking me to send my ‘Trade in’ its arrival and order completion was acknowledged by e mail on 14th October 2020.


I then began to receive e mails saying my trade in had not been received, but to ignore them if I had already sent it, I chose to ignore this as I had already complied with the terms and conditions.


On 2nd November I noticed a debit on my Amex account for the sum of £75.00, I could only believe that as I had not ordered any other items it related my previously approved trade in.


This led me into an endless number of calls and emails to, from and with Samsung, conversations with your representatives. I was given assurances which were broken and I am no further forward in recovering the £75. 00 which was wrongly debited from my Credit card.


What I can tell you is that on 3rd November I spoke to and exchanged an email with a member of staff called ‘Pinky’ who stated my refund had been approved and the money would be refunded within 3 – 5 days.


I have contacted Samsung on a number of occasions since with the issue still not resolved. I have kept a file of all my email correspondence and diary of calls made to your organisation which I am happy to provide as evidence


Today 24th November 2020 I spoke to a female called ‘Sophie’ who is UK based, unlike every other person I have spoken to.


I should clarify that is in no way a racist reference but more toward the fact the nuance of language and intonation can be lost when speak to people of different nationalities.

In brief Sophie explained that although she worked in Customer service the side of the business I was dealing with was based in Manilla. I explained what I had been through , she stated she understood my dis satisfaction, adding that she had during our call spoken to someone in Manilla and was assured a manager from that side of the operation would call me back this afternoon.


During our conversation Sophie did say that as a ‘Gesture’ of goodwill she could authorise the issuing of a gift card to me in the sum of £40.00, I explained that did not get near what I saw as an adequate , what I would call ‘Compensation’ for the time, effort, energy and stress this has all caused me.


The situation continues!

Samsung Members Star ★★

Have a word with your card issuer /  bank account Customer services as you maybe covered under their terms and if so they'll replace the funds and chase Samsung @Members_QUSkmtl 


I had issues with a refund and after a few calls to Samsung  Customer Services and 20+ emails I ended up using the online CEO contact us page and my issues were then resolved within a few working days.


I wish you all the best with this


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The advice I offer is my own and does not represent Samsung’s position.
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Once we've parted with
some customer services
don't seem to be interested in assisting
just be persistent
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