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No option for gradually increase volume after Pie update Note 8


No option for gradually increase volume after Pie update Note 8.

And wrong alarm time in chronus app. On play market chronus answer "This is a bug in the samsung alarm clock app, your best option is to install and use the Google Clock app from the Play store. It does not have the bug."

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Snap. This update is hideous.  Now my alarm increases in volume and I no longer have control to set it as full volume from start. This update has really ruined what was MY phone and personalised for me. Text backgrounds removed as well. 20 years a samsung customer about to move elsewhere

This pisses me off after I got the update and nearly had a heart attack in the morning, with my alarm going off at full volume! Why would you ever do this? I'm a long-time user and things like this have been getting on my nerves with Samsung.


This is exactly what happens to me from now on in the mornings!!! I ***** myself and in the new Samsung updates!!!

Why to go backwards wiyh the updates instead??? Don't know!!! Really disapointed plus if I ever have a real heart attack I will blame Samgung and take them to court because of that!!! Goodness me!!!

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