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No notifications on WiFi

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The past three days I have received no notifications other than from the stock email app when I am connected to WiFi. I only realised there was a problem when I left the house and the phone started using the mobile network and I suddenly received a barrage of notifications. I have not changed any settings, I don't have power saver on, I've double checked all my settings. The only thing I can think of that caused it is the most recent update around the time the problem started? Has anyone else got this issue? If so have you found a solution? I can't afford to miss notifications. 

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Superuser I

Can you recall what your most recent update was @LouR


Mine was the August security update.


Can you try hooking up to another source of Wi-Fi like a coffee shop or friends home Wi-Fi to see if the issue stops. 


If it does stop then try forgetting your own home broadband Wi-Fi in your phone settings and then reset it back up to see if that helps  



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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Mine was the 1 Aug security patch update too. 


I've tried all of your suggestions already and it doesn't help the issue unfortunately  


Hi @LouR. Which phone is this on; and is Wi-Fi otherwise okay on it (i.e. no issues with loading up websites etc. when you've not got mobile data on)?

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Hi. I have the same problem. Did you found a solution ?

did anyone get a fix for this issue?  Mine has been the same for about 6 months.  Samsung told me it was my IP issue  even though it is only happening to my S8 out of 4 other mobiles in the house.  My IP  has issued me with 3 different routers to try and sort the issue but still not fixed.  I get notifications on any other wifi except home! Thanks 

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