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No audio through Bluetooth headphones

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Hi guys.


I've successfully paired 2 sets of Bluetooth headphones. This shows on the TV as being selected as the current audio option and the little equaliser icon shows movement. When i move through the menu the sound DOES come through the headphones again indicating everything is set up correctly however the programs i chose on a sky don't have audio. 


What could i be doing wrong?



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No one?

Hi @marc-knuckle

Please can you confirm the model number of your TV along with the make and model of your Bluetooth headphones, and I will look into this for you.

The tv is ue55ks7000u


The headphones are a generic one from Amazon and aftershokz a5500

Thanks, @marc-knuckle

Can you start by enabling pairing on your Bluetooth headphones and going to Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Wireless Speaker Manager > Bluetooth Audio Devices > Select the headphones from the available devices list.

Similarly, go to Settings > Sound > Speaker Select and see if you can set your headphones as the audio output for the TV. This should work, however if not then I'd recommend checking your Sky box settings to see if there are any options available regarding audio output.

Cheers. As i mentioned i did that and successfully paired both. They then produced the sound from the menus when moving around the tv's menu but it's just the audio from programs and similar that didn't come through.


I'll try the sky settings.



I think I have the same model Tv



I have the Sony MdR-1000 Bluetooth Earphones

Mine work.


I really don't know what is going on if your getting the menu sounds but not the audio channel.

I can only suggest to factory reset the Tv

make sure youve uodated the tv and if you can the headphones


if not, look up the code to enter your defukt factory setting menu.

you have to enter a whole series of instrustions on your remote control before you turn the tv on and see if youve got the audio facility correctly set


good luck 

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