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Night "Edge" clock enhancement

(Topic created on: 13-07-2018 08:22 AM)
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Hello, Just upgraded to Oreo. I see a few new and enhanced futures, but my favorite one - the night clock is GONE. what the f Samsung? Yeah I know that it is called the "Edge clock" now and it is part of the other AOD clocks, but here are the problems:

1. There isn't a freaking schedule option to set at which times of the day I want the AODs to be active. For example: most people care about the time when on a boring meating, but who cares about the time when they are at a bar all night?

2. The so called "Edge clock" isn't even on the edge of my S7 EDGE. It's at least half a centimeter away from it and this way I can't see it unless I am looking down at my phone.

3. It doesn't show for what time is my next alarm set up.

The only thing I used the AOD for was that night clock. When I go to bed I put my phone on the night stand and I can see the time during the night.

I read up and I know you removed the night clock "because people complained"... well it's freaking OPTIONAL and you now include it with the other clocks anyway, but why removing those 3 useful features from it?!