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New Samsung Editor Important Update for Note10+ S10* and many others Samsung devices

(Topic created on: 24-02-2022 08:56 PM)
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HI everbody, 

The Samsung editor has just been updated in a major way. Indeed, Samsung has decided to give us the ERASER function which allows us to erase the objects / things that bother us in a photo whether it is a person, a visible hand and all disturbing things in the photo. 



This function was available on all devices that received the Android 11 One UI 3.0 update, but the S10* and Note10* were not entitled to it and now Samsung has decided to please us.  

Note that those functions were not  available for S10* or Note10+ on Android 12 One UI 4.0 either so this is why I'm so happy now.


As you can see, i haven't tried it yet !

 In addition, they decided to also give us 2 tools that were only dedicated to the new S22* series, the shadow eraser and the reflection eraser, and I can only say BRAVO Samsung for this initiative !


How to proceed :

once the update of the Photo Editor is done from the Galaxy Store, go to the samsung gallery and do as if you were retouching a photo. This action should offer you the update of the 3 sub-applications, i.e. the eraser objects, shadows and finally reflections eraser.., just accept the updates.

To know how to do all your updates, follow this guide:

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Got this on the Z Fold 3 this morning