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New Samsung a54

(Topic created on: 07-10-2023 09:06 PM)
Hi I'm new to the community and I'm asking for any tips hin's or tricks to gettingcthe best out of this tech , also I am look for any info regarding the best screen & phone protector thank's and happy to be any help in return .thanks .
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Hi @williboy 

Congratulations on the purchase of your new phone 👍

Cases are very much a personal item in regards to what look and level of protection you want from one.

For example I use a Samsung Official Leather Black Case on my phone that offers extra grip and miminal protection. 

However there are cases like the Samsung Rugged Case that offers greater protection. 

Look for cases that are screen protector friendly. 

Have a look on and places like Amazon or your local Highstreet Stores. 

In regards to screen protectors there are glass versions and tpu plastic options so again it's down to what you want and what you want to spend. 

Again as per the advice above look at the various outlets. 

In regards to glass if those are available for your phone please steer clear of the varieties that just have adhesive around the edges of the glass screen protector as they do sometimes have a tendency to pop off especially if a case comes into contact with it.

You will find reviews for some cases and screen protectors here on the forum via a forum search and or on places like YouTube. 

Enjoy choosing.  😉 


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I'm here to help. " This is the way. "

Thanks in relation to case's and protectors I'm due for a day's shopping Monday I will use your advice carefully thank you for warning against glass screen protector as I would rather pay that little more fore quality again thanks for advice. Williboy.