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New S7 Edge from Ebay - no plastic wrapping = refurbished?

(Topic created on: 01-02-2019 11:14 AM)
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Hope someone can add some advice here :smiling-face: I bought a brand new S7 Edge from Ebay recently (I know I know!). The seller stated it was new and sealed but out of warranty. On arrival I see that it is sealed but the phone inside although it looks untouched it does not have the plastic wrapping (cellophane) you peel off the front and back as I would expect - does this signify anything?

Also, the phone is clearly for the Gulf/Arab market, though semes to work ok. WIll this cause problems?

Also, the camera and flash had a little bit of sticky reidue on their corners... I might be being hyper pernickety but does that signify anything? E.g. that it's been repaired and sold as new? (It is utterly unmarked).

I've turned it on and all seems well, though I've taken some photos and compared them to my existing S4 and the quality looks about the same to me. Should there be a massive difference in quality as I was lead to believe by online reviews?

Hope you can put my mind at ease. Many thanks!