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new phone where did my widgets go - smemo, torch

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Hi all,
i have just replaced my 2015 galaxy a3, with a 2017. I was looking to put the torch widget, and the s memo widget back on one of the homescreens but they're gone! i know i can access the torch from the pull down but i rather liked having the big unmissable icon, especially after the pub. I also like the smemo as the note sits on the homescreen reminding me to do it. i see there is a replacement samsung notes but this is just an icon and does not remind me of all the things i've made a note to do. I searched google play and there are of course phone and note apps but i'd prefer the originals as per the old phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how i can replace these with the originals ?


and where has my smart alarm gone on the alarm clock widget....

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