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New phone troubles

(Topic created on: 13-08-2018 10:13 PM)
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Recently purchased the samsung s9 changing from an iphone managed to do the set up fairly easy didn't like my videos from photos + previous whats app messages but apparent from that everything ok but now my emails have stopped working checked and it all synced.  I get notification noises but no notification on apps google photos keeps closing and sometimes when I click on gallery no photos are there close it open again + photos all back.  I have turned power off soft rebooted HELP! Is it me or is there something faulty with the phone 

Thank you Lorna 

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Hello @Loobyloo1


In regards to your email is this happeing all tbe time everywhere you go ?


I just want to clarify if it's mobile signal / data connection that maybe the issue.


If not then I would suggest to delete your account from the phone and go into Settings-Apps-email-Storage-Clear Cache and Data. 


Then re input your email account details. 


You could also try another email app. 


In regards to the phone then a Samsung Service Centre or Samsung Experience Store will be able to help or go back to the place that supplied the phone for a diagnostic and hands on support. 



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