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New Features For The Samsung Smartphones

(Topic created on: 10-09-2022 10:16 PM)
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I have a new feature I would like you guys to include on your phone which will make so many companies wowed.

I want Samsung to create their own chat app like the old days of (BlackBerry Messenger) known as BBM.
Samsung should create their own chat platforms that can send out messages to Samsung devices only. No other device will be able to download and use the S-Chats.

The S-Chat should be able to send & receive text messages only for free if there is no mobile/Wi-Fi network (that could save a lot of people from a state of emergency), but any other messages like sending of media should be able to send only with the use of the internet. When media is sent out without an internet connection it should show 'pending to send when network is available'..

 There should be a way to add/request people on the S-Chat like S-234590 or usernames. 

I also have more features that could be applied on the smart watches.
I've read somewhere, that Samsung hasn't allowed the Google messenger features or code, which is SIMILAR, to the iPhone messaging thing.
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Have been using phones since 1993, and am self taught.

I offer advice for free, cos I think it'll help, if it doesn't, explain why, I might learn something new too.

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