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New Contacts being deleted from phone - Outlook Sync Issue

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Hi There

Since changing my phone from the S6 to the S7, I have been having problems syncing contacts, added to my phone, to my Outlook account.

My contacts have synced FROM outlook TO my phone without any issue. However, when I add or change a contact in my actual phone, it stays in my phone for about half a day, and then reverts back to whatever was originally listed in my outlook account.

For example, new contacts added in outlook will automatically transfer to my phone, however a new contact added to my phone gets deleted.
If I change the number of an existing contact in outlook, the number shortly changes in my phone. However any changes I make to existing contacts on my phone, always revert back to what is on my outlook account.

It is as if either, outlook is refusing changes, or my phone is set for outlook to be "correct" if there are any differences??!?!?!

This was never a problem on my old phone, which makes me think it must be the phone as opposed to outlook.?!?!?!?!

Please note: I have tried adding my account as an "outlook" account and as an "exchange" account, and the same thing occurs on both. When I click to "add a new contact", the drop down menu states "outlook", so it is definitely trying to save the contact to my outlook account.

This problem is driving me MAD

Please help!

Thanks. Megan x


Hey @Megan2682.


Sorry for the late response, are you using a private or work account? 


  • If you're using a work account it could be that the company does not allow other applicstion to modify information. If this is the case, then I recommend talking to the IT department.


  • If you're using a private account then I'd recommend contactng Samsung Support to arrange a Remote Management session. All ways to get in contact can be found HERE.



Say "hello!" and
Introduce Yourself, or virtually hangout in the Samsung Lounge


Hey @Megan2682! Has this issue been resolved now? Do let us know :smileyhappy:

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