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MyFitnessPal to SHealth food sync issue

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When syncing from MyFitnessPal, SHealth ignores the 'Number of servings' field in MFP. As a result, imported data are completely inaccurate. it only imports the total calories right.


Steps to reproduce:

1. In MFP, add any meal with various serving sizes available. pretty much any meal.

2. set serving size to something small, i.e. 1ml or 1g.

3. set number of servings to any value besides 1. 10 for example.

4. in MFP, you will see the correct values of Carbs, Fat, Protein - the values of serving size are multiplied by 10.

5. in SHealth though, when imported, the value of Number of Servings is completely ignored, so you end up with the Carbs, Fat, Protein equal to 1gr/1ml values instead of 10x.


the same is true for anything below 1. for instance, if your serving size is Whole Pizza, and Number of  Servings in MFP is 0.25, meaning 2 slices, SHealth will import whole pizza value ignoring the 0.25.


Anyone saw this before?



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I seem to be experiencing the exact same problem. Does anyone here have a solution for this?

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