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My Samsung Note 8 Tragedy

(Topic created on: 24-04-2018 07:47 PM)
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Dear Samsung Users , Fans, and Customers


I purchased Samsung Note 8 (Dual SIM) Deepsea Blue 128GB model and I was all excited till the date (after 2 monhts) when it fell from my hand and My Samsung Note 8 Tragedy began. As it turned out that I bought a non-EU (Hong Kong) model in UK and UK Samsung Service Center is not authorized to repair such phones. Of course the seller adequately compensated.


However there is absolutely no way Samsung would help even though I am ready to pay for the repair. The funniest replies have come from Hong Kong service center who call me to UK number taking all details and requesting me to come to Hong Kong and asking me for a date when I can fly. I mean for a mobile repair they expect me to fly 8000 miles (15+ hours flight) and this is not one time they reply, each and everytime I explained my problem (a 1000 times), they gave me Hong Kong service center address and asked me to come there or ask my friend to visit. They don't accept international couriers.


UK Samsung Service Center did not even tough the phone, saying they are not authorized to repair. Even more funny because in Edinburgh thats what they did.


So where do I go from there, what do I do ? I had to ask for Mr. Lee Kun-Hee's contact mail id or phone number so that I can explain my tragedy to him. I know it sounds funny but my misery should make him feel sorry. I mean giving 200 Samsung Note 8 phones to some high flying passengers will not build customer confidence. It's lesser mortals on the ground like me who require their support.


I am still waiting for Mr. Lee Kun-Hee to contact me, in case you find him please tell him that one of your customers is living with a dead phone from Samsung and he desperately needs your help to repair. He will pay, he will pay him or Samsung Service Center the money to repair.


Thanks guys, expecting a postitive response from Mr. Lee Kun-Hee and no one else. I am sure they will be able to search my name, e-mail or number because for the past 2 months I have written, talked, chatted a million times. 


Yes my name is Ravi and I am a victim of Samsung Note 8. Why the hell did I drop the phone in the first place 😞