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My samsung J3 2017 keeps restarting


Hi i hope someone can help me with this problem. Since i updated the last software update on my phone, my phone keeps restarting whenever i use the internet or even on apps that worked perfectly fine before that update. Is there anyway i can solve this problem as its getting rather annoying now. It is also happening on my daughters phone and she has the same model phone as me

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Having the same issue ๐Ÿ˜ž


Just a quick update. Samsung want to send phone to engineer again so I complained. Got an appointment for engineer to log onto phone via smart tutor. He saw the phone restart so now believes the issue. No fix yet though. Just advised to run in safe mode and not use 3rd party apps.

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I have a J3 2017, same thing happens to me too,  I have 2gb ram,  and from the last update,  my phone keeps restarting after the last update,  it keeps doing it on online games AND EVEN singleplayer games,  it sucks a lot,  I saw a reply saying that it does it on 3D games,  I got a restart on a 2D single player game too,  "Wrestling Revolution" it just sucks,  we need this patched,  if not..  JUST Bring back the last old update. 


I had asked for Italian support to also advise outside the country to avoid problems with games. Thanks to Mick-Angel, we have solved this way: in the applications go to 'game optimizing service', make a forced shutdown and uninstall updates of the application. Try it like this.

sorry my english with the translator :smiling-face:


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Amazing!  This worked pretty well,  I've played for almost 30 mins and no restarts!! 

I recommend this.  I'll keep you updated for anything that occurs,  again,  thanks.  And I've played an on-line game.  Paper. Io 2.. 


Have tried it now, and played Pokรฉmon go and tiny tower for half an hour with no crashes as yet. Thanks and I will keep my fingers crossed. ๐Ÿ™‚

It works so well, tyvm ๐Ÿ˜Š


thanks bro! i maked what you sayed and no reboot!  i think if i have set the automatic updates that application will update auto again?


" in the applications go to 'game optimizing service', make a forced shutdown and uninstall updates of the application. "

Doesn't work, phone still reboots while gaming.

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