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My samsung J3 2017 keeps restarting


Hi i hope someone can help me with this problem. Since i updated the last software update on my phone, my phone keeps restarting whenever i use the internet or even on apps that worked perfectly fine before that update. Is there anyway i can solve this problem as its getting rather annoying now. It is also happening on my daughters phone and she has the same model phone as me

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All three family phones have exactly the same issue after the last system update. 

They all reboot randomly several times a day since the 8.0 update!


I spoke to Samsung yesterday they are not interested in placing a fix all they advise you to do is take the phone to a Service Centre to be looked at I advised I am not happy with this and they advised they were sorry but that is all they could do for me right now. I don't believe they want to believe it is there software causing the issue they want to believe it is a fault with your device.  transcript of chat below I must say he was very polite and aplogetic but Service Centre is all that was advisd. 


12:30:03My phone keeps randomly restarting when opening Apps it only started on the 09 November


12:30:04Welcome to Samsung Support. Please allow me a moment to read through your enquiry.

12:30:41Hi, Harty2018. My name is MJ from Samsung Chat Support. I'll be happy to assist you.



12:31:38I have tried factory reset and Clearing Partitaion Cache with no luck continues to happen


12:31:56I completely understand that you are having trouble with your device as it's restarting randomly. Rest assured that I will do my best to assist you with this.




12:32:48Just so you're aware, if you have any questions about how we Samsung Electronics UK Limited, use your personal information you can find out more at This may include using your personal data to provide support related updates and assess and improve the way we support our customers, including carrying out customer satisfaction surveys.

12:33:18You're very much welcome, Harty2018. Please allow me a moment to check this one for you.

Stewart Hart

12:33:52Thanks you it is an issue that is not just affecting me there are a few intances of it on the commuity


12:36:50Thank you for that information, Harty2018. Since you have already performed the Factor reset on your device which is our last to resolved most of the software issue, what we can do here in our end is to search a nearest Samsung service centre within your area so that our engineers can extensively inspect your device, would that be okay? May I have your post, please?


12:38:10I can't be without my phone while it is sent away if is not just my phone doing it so it is clearly a software issues that needs patching


12:41:45I completely understand that you need your device for your everyday needs, Harty2018. Please allow me to explain the advantage of bringing in your device would be faster turn around time as they can repair your device on the same day and also, you would be able to demonstrate the issue to our engineers onsite.


12:43:30I understand that I am not happy with that outcome this is likely to cost and I don't have a car so am not able to just get to a service centre, if it was just my device that was expirencing the issue I would be ok with it but it is not


12:46:37I truly understand your frustration, Harty2018. Please allow me to explain that our engineers need to inspect your device so that we can have a further detail on what really is happening on the device if it's really a software problem.


12:49:08I am not happy I am sorry but with the info I have given you it is clearly something with the software if it was only my device then I would think I may be a hardware issue I feel I will wait untill you have enought tickets rasing the issue so you can clearly see my point then allow your software engineers to take a look if that fail and the update does not fix the issue I will look in to getting it looked at at a Service Centre


12:53:08I truly understand your point, Harty2018. However, what we can do right now for you here in our end is to search a nearest service centre for you or book your device for collection so that your device will get repaired. Alternatively, in regards with this query you can send us your feedback about this matter. would that be fine with you?


12:55:33I am not sending it away that is not happening so your enginners could protentionlly cause more damage causes me to have to claim on the issurance I have with my network to get a replacement. I will await further updates and go from there as I strongly feel it is not my device very strange it is only happening after the Oct 1st update.


12:57:53I'm really sorry if you feel that way about our engineers, Harty2018. Rest assured that I will raise this feedback of yours to our relevant team so that this matter won't cause more issue on the future update.


12:59:10Thanks you it is not just your engineers I have had thinks sent away before and it ethier comes back with the same issue or further damaged so I don't trust any Service Centres not just yours


13:01:05I really apologise about the inconvenience you have experience, Harty2018. And thank you for raising this query to us, rest assured that I will raise this issue to our relevant team.

13:02:31Aside from this, is there anything else that I can help you with?


13:02:37Thanks I am sorry I am being a tough customer but I strongly believe the software needs looking at before someone takes my phone apart thats all


13:04:58You're very much welcome, Harty2018. Rest assured that I truly understand your frustration about this issue, please be at ease as we will put more effort to have this issue resolved on our future updates. Thank you for raising this query, Harty2018.


13:06:13Thanks you one last thing look on the commuity it is across muliple devices carrying the recent update tablets phones and on other than that thank you for you time have a great day


13:07:29You're very much welcome, Harty2018. Rest assured that I will put that noted. It was my pleasure assisting you today. If you require additional support, you can find How-To videos, answers to your questions and other useful information about Samsung products on our Support website We will appreciate if you give us some feedback on how I assisted you today which will help us to serve you better. Thank you for chatting with Samsung Support, once again, my name is MJ. If you have a minute, please click on the ‘X’ button to receive the transcript of your chat and a quick survey on how I assisted you today. Have a great day!

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Start: 2018-11-11 12:26:47
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Name: Stewart Hart
Model: Samsung Galaxy J3 2017


I did a factory reset, formatted and then tested my SD card, reïnstalled everything and it worked for one day. Now it's rebooting again.

No way i am driving half an hour to some service center. I am thinking of buying a Nokia.

Rang the helpline number and they didn't even know there was a problem with our phones. I told them they should read here to see there is a load of us with the same restarting problem. All she could say was do a hard reset or clear cache which i told her i have done plenty of times before even calling. So atm looks bad for us J3 2017 owners thinking on going to Iphone

This is so stupid. 


Maybe we could make some kind of online petition?

By the way, how often and when do your devices restart? Mine only does it when running games online. I'm using it now, it can use chrome fine, but when I load up a game it starts restarting. I'm worried that I might need to get a new phone. 


I have a few ideas, if we all could try to push samsung to do what happened on the older phones that had this problem - stop updating the phones and fix the update.


We could make a petition, bother the support lines, or get the samsung/android news sites to write articles on it. If anything we should all start to apply pressure. Samsung can't afford for their sales to get hit, right? 

Hi again, just sent an error report to Samsung via Samsung Members detailing my research, and info and a link to this thread, did also spot an interesting article on the notices section. Says the update may be halted for an "emergency fix" so that could be in our favour seeing as it wouldn't be their first. If you want you can get to Samsung Members by going to settings>about phone>contact us and then go through the processes then go to notices in the menu, you can view the info on J3 Oreo or you could use the app to send an error report too.

Same with mine , just changed the phone and still doing it , emailed Samsung but looks like this an issue then?

By changed the phone do you mean you got a new phone that does it from the go? If so send it back and complain. 

Hi mine seems  to do it when opening apps and I chatted to Samsung live chat and told me to take it to Samsung  shop or where ever u bought it from to see if they can fix it

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