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My samsung J3 2017 keeps restarting


Hi i hope someone can help me with this problem. Since i updated the last software update on my phone, my phone keeps restarting whenever i use the internet or even on apps that worked perfectly fine before that update. Is there anyway i can solve this problem as its getting rather annoying now. It is also happening on my daughters phone and she has the same model phone as me


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I had asked for Italian support to also advise outside the country to avoid problems with games. Thanks to Mick-Angel, we have solved this way: in the applications go to 'game optimizing service', make a forced shutdown and uninstall updates of the application. Try it like this.

sorry my english with the translator :smiling-face:


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That's not good @Garfield77


My suggestions in order are >


1. Check there are no pending updates for your apps. 


2. Put the phone in Safe Mode which disables the downloaded apps to see if it is rogue apps causing this. I appreciate this is also happening on another phone. 


3. From a set series of button presses after turning the phone off you'll be able to clear the phones system cache files to see if this helps. For the instructional process to do this Google Search will advise you. 


4. Back Up and Factory Reset. 


5. See out a Samsung Service Centre. 





My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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Hey there, same thing happened to me after the same update! Been stuck for ideas for 3 days and I can't seem to get anywhere. Wondering whether clearing the system cache will delete my game's save data, or whether it could be a fix for the problem. Either that or we need to wait for Samsung to fix it.


Same issue continues to restart on starting up games or apps. Only started doing it yesterday. Have cleared partition cache it does not affect saved game data, this has not resolved the issue.


Same here, since a couple of days the J3 (2017) is rebooting all the time. I have done a hard reset already and even without the SD card it's rebooting spontaneously.

I hope there will be a fix soon, it already cost me too much time!


This must be affecting lots of devices now. They need to fix this. 



Done a bit of research. Reboots are a known error with this update (Android 8.0.0 Oreo) and this was first released for other devices a while back, these had it patched but our issue was not resolved in full. Unless a specific fix is released we may have to wait for 8.1 which is taking it a step too far seeing as there are no plans for 8.1 on J3 2017 yet. So don't go resetting your phones quite yet. If we can make this issue known the patch could come faster. All the known ways of removing an error of this type don'the seem to work, idk if there will be a manual fix out there somewhere but I can assure you all that this is simply a bad update in the J3 2017's case and the cache etc don't seem to influence the problem. I've also seen a lot of other errors so if you are having problems with your 2017 a blanket fix in the future can sort it out. Well, hopefully.


Same here, already made backup of everything, wiped up cache and made factory reset, all the same after 1 day...


Can we all try to make this known to Samsung so they are pressured to fix it?


Please post on my patch request thread in support of a patch :winking-face:



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