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My Samsung Galaxy s7 edge screen is Flickering

(Topic created on: 06-03-2020 05:48 PM)
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I have a Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge, but after my brother threw my phone It cracked on the top right edge of the Phone and it started Flickering sometimes it Stops  sometimes it doesen't sometimes it also flickers tyen it stops but instead of the screen flickering it stopped but my screen is white just like when it's flickering. The phone is still usable but I can't do anything with it cause I can't see anything I can't even bond or play games with my friends who are far away. How do I fix this problem, permanently.


I'm from the Philippines 

Sorry for the bad Grammar 😞

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Your grammar is just fine @RWaltz  :smiling-face:


It sounds like the accidental damage has caused this so an engineer would need to take a look at an authorised Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre.


Unfortunately the repair wouldn't be free as accidental damage isn't included in the 24 month manufacturing warranty.


You could look to any relevant insurance you have.


If the phone is out of warranty anyway then you could look to a reputable repair shop however they may not be able to repair it or add further issues or use inferior parts. Once an unauthorised engineer breaks the seals then any relevant warranty is voided.


What I think you need to look at is the age of the phone against the cost of a repair to the cost of getting a new phone.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 



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