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My s8 just keeps stopping playing music

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Hey. I have an s8 and play music. I listen to music on Bluetooth and it keeps stopping randomly all the time. In the middle of songs. It's very annoying!! I have been in touch with play music and completed all their troubleshooting so it is not the play music app... they think it's the Bluetooth settings or error. Can you please help 

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Does the same happen if you use the Samsung Music App for example?



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I don't use Samsung music on Bluetooth as I've got nothing in there but I have done all sorts of troubleshooting over the last week or two with Google play customer services and there's no reason why it should keep stopping. It does it when connected to my headphones, speaker and car stereo. It must be some weird setting or update or something but I am literally stuck as to what it could be.... I've been through everything I can think of. Could it be something weird like app power monitor? If so, how would I fix this? If not I am totally stuck. It's only been doing it for a few months. It was fine for over a year...


@Hollyc86: Could indeed be the App Power Monitor or any data restrictions you've got in place - if you're only listening to streaming stuff. 


If it's just streaming music that this is happening with, you can adjust the apps that get restricted by the App Power Monitor in: Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored apps. If you've got the phone in Mid Power saving Mode, also worth having a look at what you've got the 'Speed Limiter' and 'Background network' usage settings as there.


For any data restrictions that may be in the phone's settings (as opposed to any network restrictions):  Settings > Connections > Data usage, and see what your Data Saver setting is set as.

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