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MTR Group Refund

(Topic created on: 15-10-2021 09:36 AM)
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I wont bore you all with the long version of this Samsung calamity, here it is in short. So I purchased a Galaxy S21 with the trade-in deal, the phone arrived I decided I wanted the all singing all dancing Ultra instead so I called the 'Customer Service' line and asked about a refund, the assistant explained that I would get a full refund INCLUDING the full trade-in price for the iPhone I sent in. I asked her to clarify the exact amount that would be refunded and she calculated the amount. Happy with what I heard I requested a return & refund. I received the refund for the s21, but not for the iPhone. Another call to customer services and now they told me that I cant get a refund for the iPhone, when I explained what I was told on the phone by their samsung customer services, they wouldn't believe me!! I had to request a copy of the phone call recording and wait 1 month while they sent it to me, then I sent the recording to customer services and after standing my ground they eventually admitted their mistake but only agreed to give me a £190 samsung voucher instead of the £250 I should have received, they said that the additional £60 would be refunded by 'MTR Group' (I feel sick every time I hear that name), and that MTR would contact me. 1 month later no one contacts me from samsung or MTR, I call samsung and complain, I get told my refund will be treated as urgent and MTR will contact me, 2 months later still nothing, so I call & e-mail MTR, no one answers their phones and no one replies to my emails. I call samsung every week for 4 weeks and DEMAND to speak to a manager, each time I get a different manager and each time they tell me not to worry and that they will escalate this issue to get my refund asap. Its now more than 4 MONTH LATER, and NO one at samsung or MTR have contacted me about the £60 refund!!!! I am disgusted at samsung support, it is honestly the worst customer experience I have had with any company, and I feel so stupid for purchasing so many samsung products in the past (NEVER AGAIN!!). I now have NO idea what to do to get my refund, and I am pretty sure that samsung just want me to give-up on it. I have wasted at least 4 hours of my life on hold and in calls with samsung customer services, and I have gained NOTHING. Why the hell has samsung partnered with such an amateur unprofessional company like MTR Group????? I cant be the only customer going through such a bad experience, samsung should have cancelled their partnership long ago.


So guys does anyone have any clue how I can get my £60 refund from samsung / MTR Group, or should I just give up?


Galaxy S21 5G 

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Small claims court?