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Micro SD card - Bring it back

(Topic created on: 22-05-2022 06:31 AM)
Hi Samsung, please bring back the micro SD card in your next version of the galaxy phone S23. If not on all models, run a trail and only place on one variant (ie the S23+) and see how the sales go. 

I'm not the only out there thats not happy with yhe companies decision to remove the micro SD card slot. 

Please consider and implement. 
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Sadly this is a growing trend in the mobile industry.
Increasing use of cloud based services and streaming services means that the humble SD cards are becoming outdated.
This is unfortunate for people like myself and you that do like to use them.
They are a very handy tool to use. But now have to adapt as SD cards won't be coming back now.
I now have to use an SD card reader plugged in to the charging port on my phone. Not ideal, but works.
It's a growing trend... but that doesn't mean its the right direction.
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I agree with the idea. I'd rather have micro sd option then not.
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My new phone still has a MicroSD slot. However, it has 64GB storage, not 256GB or more. The crux of the matter isn't just space for the slot, the speed of MicroSD cards isn't much good for apps, recording videos or even burst mode photos. I use mine a 512GB card to store FLAC audio files (my ripped CD collection) and play them back with VLC for Android.
This was one of the reasons I changed to the Note 20 Ultra rather than the S22 Ultra... Got a good amount for my Note 10 plus too...
I've reached a stage now where my loyalty lays with no brand, as they haven't my best interests and needs at heart. So, you do as you please Samsung and I'll do what suits me and take my money elsewhere.
People are leaving as you remove most basic features
3.5mm jak is crucial, as many will refuse Bluetooth for listening to music. On another hand what is the reason for 192kHz/24bit or even 384kHz/24bit, while Bluetooth is unable to play such bandwidth?

SD card slot is absolute must. Without 3.5mm jack and SD card slot Samsung does not differ from Apple.

I can replace 256gb SD card in master of few seconds. Nobody is capable of replacing such amount of data on internal storage, not to mention drop your second, third, fourth internal storage to your drawer.
Don't even get me started at cloud. Coś is somebody's else computer over which you have exactly zero control. One day data is secure, next day it is all over Internet. Data from SD card in drawer cannot pop on Internet without first putting it into some device capable of communication with SD card.

I am using NextCloud, but it is in known by me location, under my full control, data stored on encrypted Hard Disk Drives and it is in my place.

And Samsung already lost me. I have had SGS5, SGS8+ and now SGS10+. Samsung removed what I need from phone, which have 5G which I don't want, so you have lost me as customer. I rather spend £1000 on Linux phone, which have 3.5mm jak and doesn't have 5G, then get something which goes exactly opposite to my needs
"Without 3.5mm jack and SD card slot Samsung does not differ from Apple."..... and this is exactly the reason why I left to Apple. Samsung offers nothing different from the competition.

I'm always ripping to flac-format the CDs I buy, synch the files to my Nextcloud and copy them on my SD-Card. Unfortunatly, flac files (which offer an sufficient audio quality for headphone use) are very large in size, so going out always costs me 2 GB of data transmission. I'm not using any streaming portal - I want to listen to what I have bought before.
So please, make SD-card-support available again in 2023! I cant use Galaxy phones if that doesn't happen.