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Love the galaxy s8+, but, security worries

(Topic created on: 15-12-2017 12:24 PM)
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I have had a galaxy s8 + for 8 weeks now, I love it, and after coming from an iPhone 7 feel like I'm using a phone from the next century. However,  in the second week my online banking was hacked, this has never happened to me before, spoke to the bank, they told me there had been phishing activity from my phone logins.

Week 6, my debit card details have been cloned, I'm beginning to get really paranoid about android and thinking about a return to iPhone, which I never had this issue with. Had a paid for anti virus on the phone, which didn't spot the security flaw. Any ideas or similar experiences?? The thought of returning to iPhone doesn't excite me 

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Superuser I
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JI think you’ve just been very unfortunate @Graflyer1


I’ve been using a Samsung s7 edge previously and currently the s8 for quite a while now including Internet App Banking and Android Pay. 


I regulary pay for services such as Tv Licence and my BT Bill via their trusted sites. 


I never undertake any logging into any confidential sites via Public WiFi. 


Never had an issue. 


With my Banking App someone would need to know my memorable word and it also asks for 3 different parts of another password.


I always ensure that I log out when I’m finished along with logging out of any other payment system such as PayPal and Amazon.


I do not / have not seen the necessity for Anti Virus / Physing options nor do I have the inbuilt security feature enabled on my s8.


Imo they are all resource hog pieces of software that do not for me bring much to the table.


If im logging into any online site I always ensure I’m not accessing it from a link or email so instead  I’m navigating to it from a trusted http site with padlock 🔐 showing.


I choose not to allow my card details be remembered.


iPhones can be seen to be a safer option as they are sandboxed by Apple so are not open source like android is.


Personally when I used iPhones i jail broke and used Apple Pay again with no issues.


Please be aware iPhones can be hit too. 


Your Bank will have safeguards in place to protect your Account too. 


I regulary change my passwords too. 




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