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Lost/stolen S6 edge

(Topic created on: 07-05-2017 05:48 AM)
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Last recorded location on Googles 'find my device'Last recorded location on Googles 'find my device'

 Lost my phone on Friday night/Saturday am. Any useful suggestions with regards to remote access etc

I informed EE who have disabled the SIM but that means I now longer have the option to ring the number and hope someone answers it.

I went back to the bar and explained the situation to them. I said the tracker is suggesting that the phone is still in the club but they said they didn't find it. 

Grateful for any suggestions.

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It's an awful situation when something likes this happens. 😞

You've done the right thing by having your sim deactivated and phone imei blocked.

Unfortunately that does come hand in hand in regards to the tracker and sim no longer working.

Remember to speak to your network again when your replacement sim arrives so any account bar can then be lifted.

You could ask the Bar to review any available CCTV.

Other than that they have no responsibility.

Get a crime number from the police and use any applicable insurance.

If you didn't have any phone locks activated then look at also changing passwords and get yourself logged out of any applicable spelling sites etc.

If you had Android Pay then check your bank account asap. Let your bank know of the loss if applicable.

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Hope that you were able to get things sorted in the end @JL50


Also, just a note to everyone out there to say that it's worth setting your phone up on Find My Mobile. In the event of you losing the phone, there's a facility in that app to unlock/lock the phone remotely (as long as it's turned on and connected to a signal).