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Lost Photos Using Smart Switch

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So i used Smart Switch to move my data from an S5 to an S6...but, some didn't get moved.  Pretty sure these were in a PIN encrypted locked folder...that, I believe, was locked.


Where did they go and, are they gone forever?

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Superuser I

Are they definitely not in your folders on the previous phone @br1000 


Did you allow your phone to periodically back up to Samsung Cloud or another back up option or an Sd Card and or back up before attempting the switch which is best practice.


If the photos are not on your previous phone and you didn't back up then theres a good chance they've gone.


Some people do say some paid for recovery tools can work but as I've not used any I'm unable to recommend any. Perhaps conduct a Google Search.


Personally I auto back upto Dropbox everytime I take a picture as I also once lost my photos when a Sd card corrupted.



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone Owner.
I have no affiliation with Samsung.

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