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Long shutter speed(8s to 10s) doesn't work on pro mode Note 8

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When I take pictures on pro mode with either 8s or 10s shutter speed the picture gets processed for so long (2-5mins then the app closes)  itit doesn save the picture. Other shutter speed is fine though. I'm running 9.0 PIE on my Note 8.

Here's what it looks like:


I've already tried factory reset but it doesn't fix the solution 😞


Hey, @TsunaXZ.

I'm not 100% sure on this one, it might need checking at one of our local Support Centres.

But, one of our Superusers @Libb seems to know everything there is to know about cameras! Perhaps he can help you out?

@Libb, any ideas?



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Superuser II
Superuser II

Sorry but I have no idea. I tried it with my S10+ and no issues. Can somebody try it with Note8? @pRo_lama ?

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