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June 2019 Update Samsung Galaxy S8 IPhone Similarities & Connectivity Issues

(Topic created on: 14-06-2019 03:46 PM)
First Poster

After the most recent update, the Samsung Galaxy S8 seems to show lack of features, Iphone similarities and other issues.


1. Messages used to be able to do a multi-lock message feature. I used to be able to select and hold and select all or multiple messages to lock at the same time. I have to now select each individual message to lock. I can delete all messages at once though if I want to. There now seems to be a lack of messaging customization available. This includes the view of messages and such as well.

2. The "Close All" Screen is now similar to an IPhone.

3. Connectivity Issues - There seems to be multiple "Internet Connectivity" issues. I have wifi and data and it shows that I have connection but system processing is slow or "issues with refreshing" web browsers, social media pages. Google Maps requires a restart of the phone most of the time for it to work even though service shows as strong and active. 

4. Spotify/Music Applications - Music stops playing in the middle or some songs don't play even though data and wifi are connected. Need to restart the phone every time there is a connection issue. 


I am not looking for the same useless solution of "Have you tried clearing your cache" because that is not going to resolve the issue of lack of customizations or options provided prior to the most recent June 2019 Update. These features are no longer available.