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is my mobile new?

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hi. i bought brand new galaxy s7 edge and received it yesterday.

phone came in box sealed.

when i start it first time i want to see  camera quality,is it really good as they say..

but i realised there was no setting option, just 2 modes(auto and panorama) thats it.

i knew it something is wrong so i started search web and someone said after reset to factory settings this problem gone.

i did it and i have setting option in camera now.

but i was thinking maybe my mobile is not new??

is it any chance to check it?


Hi there @delpietro7,


As the box was sealed, the phone will be new and unused.


It's likely that the phone needed to be updated when it was new and out of the box. If for some reason it didn't update automatically, performing the reset and restart will have prompted this.


If for any reason you believe the phone has been used previously, we would recommend speaking to your retailer.


Hope this helps!

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