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Introducing the Samsung S8 / S8+


Good morning everyone! 


With the official release date of April 28th, customers who pre-ordered can receive their new device up to 8 days early (today being the first day). We're hope you're all excited as we are. 


You'll find some of the key specs below if you haven't managed to take a look just yet. Also, the link to buy the new phone is here >




The new infinity display gives you more when viewing images and videos. The two screens (S8 = 5.8" and S8+ = 6.2") will make watching movies even better, with a 18.5:9 display ratio. The settings can be customised to your preference. 




The front camera is 8MP and the rear camera 12MP. Both aperature's are F1.7 which makes for great filming and pictures in low-light conditions. Recording videos is available in 4K and there's also a new feature with stickers (much like the Snapchat filter) which comes as default. 




We're introducing the first 10nm processor to be used in a Smartphone. Furthermore, the 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage will make gaming better than ever. We're really excited about DeX which we will be sharing more info about shortly. If you're interested now, check this link



We're happy to answer any other questions you've got about the S8/S8+ as well. Enjoy the new phone:) 


Thanks everyone for your feedback! Please feel free to keep it coming. Thank you to @Bades1978 and other Community Members for your assistance with queries. 


Keen to share a new promotional video as well which was uploaded to our official YouTube channel. We're loving the infinity display here, it makes such a difference to viewing videos.


Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung's Flagship phone. The most fragile phone EVER!


Only had it for 1 day, sat at my desk with the phone in my pocket and the phone slipped out of my pocket from a height of less than 1m and hit the plastic wheel of the chair and fell to the carpetted floor. Picked the phone up to find the edge of the phone smashed and a crack.


Took the phone to Geek Squad - they do not have parts yet for the phone.


Took the phone to the Samsung store - they do not have parts and therefore can not repair the S8 yet.


Phoned Samsung, who collected the phone, and called up today to quote me over £200 for repair as the broken screen is not  covered under warranty.


I've already spent over £650 on the phone and in less than a week it's going to cost me another £200+ to get it repaired!


My S6 edge and S7 edge I had dropped on many occasion from greater heights and on to harder floors and never had any issues!


I wish I had stuck to the S7 Edge.


I have no insurance and I am well and truly fcuked!


Thanks Samsung for a great customer support for a phone that is clearly not fit for purpose!






I can understand your frustration, but a phone case is a must no matter which phone you have if you do not have insurance, have you checked the standard things like home insurance and bank cover or even the work insurance? 


Phone case was in the post!


And no, not all phones require a phone case, I didn't need one for my Galaxy S6 edge or S7 edge.


Work insurance has an exccess of £250!


The Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ is clearly not fit for purpose.


I'm not the only one who's suffered with a cracked screen, simple google search will find many other people around the world who have suffered the same fate!




Well I wish you best with the endevour and hope it gets fixed sonner than later then.

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We're happy to answer any other questions you've got about the S8/S8+ as well. Enjoy the new phone:) 

Are there any plans to allow users to change the colour of the edge lighting? 




Hi @NicoleLouise.


We don't have any information on this just yet we're afraid.

Thanks for your reply!

Is there any way to suggest ideas to Samsung? It's really frustrating when the edge lighting doesn't match the theme 🙄

Hi @NicoleLouise.


We'll be certain to take your feedback on board.


I like the idea of edge lighting up for notifications, especially when you want the sound off eg at work when you can't make sounds but can get away with light notifications. The small light with limited colours is ok, but  light patterns on the edge could do so much more.

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