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Introducing the Samsung S8 / S8+


Good morning everyone! 


With the official release date of April 28th, customers who pre-ordered can receive their new device up to 8 days early (today being the first day). We're hope you're all excited as we are. 


You'll find some of the key specs below if you haven't managed to take a look just yet. Also, the link to buy the new phone is here >




The new infinity display gives you more when viewing images and videos. The two screens (S8 = 5.8" and S8+ = 6.2") will make watching movies even better, with a 18.5:9 display ratio. The settings can be customised to your preference. 




The front camera is 8MP and the rear camera 12MP. Both aperature's are F1.7 which makes for great filming and pictures in low-light conditions. Recording videos is available in 4K and there's also a new feature with stickers (much like the Snapchat filter) which comes as default. 




We're introducing the first 10nm processor to be used in a Smartphone. Furthermore, the 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage will make gaming better than ever. We're really excited about DeX which we will be sharing more info about shortly. If you're interested now, check this link



We're happy to answer any other questions you've got about the S8/S8+ as well. Enjoy the new phone:) 



He is still small (was a rescue) but a true Rottweiler will have a better play tonight as all he wanted to do was play at this point lol but the S8+ unlocked using the iris scanner in the dark really well! @antonp 


Nice photo. What can I say, what a fantastic phone. Only just starting to set it up but already liking many things about this S8+. Initial impression is it is  easy to use, with lots of help and easy transfer from my S7 edge. Biggest impression so far is the screen. It's so crisp, clean and responsive as well as a quality display. The size and shape works really well to fit in a hand and get the extra display content of the 6.2" screen. I have mine in the Clear View Standing case and it definitley looks the business.


Has the phone arrived now @Stephen99


Hope you don't mind a joint response @Bades1978 and @antonp!


We did receive some reports of late arrivals but worked very closely with UK Mail to get phones out ASAP. @Valenni has yours arrived now?


@antonp The infinity display is a big win for us and we think we'll see other manufactures following suit. Having that extra viewing space really makes a difference in our eyes. As a content creator yourself you'll know that pictures/videos are being created and edited with the demand for this technology. Have you managed to view any 360 content on the new phone yet?

@Bades1978 We could book in a Remote Management session for the screen if that would be any use? The guys would take a look and see if they can recommend anything further (although it sounds like you've optimised already). Thank you for the other feedback as well. 


Hi @RyanM I will hold out see if the update later this week does any thing more its not a huge issue just my OCD kicking in to see the red all the way back lol but got to say it really does make a huge change if you select anything other than adaptive display the others like very off white :smiling-face:


Yes Ryan, arrive on Saturday thanks. I hate to be negative, but the mess with postage and lack of VR offer has soured the experience. 


I was told we don't get free VR becasue we get it 8 days early, but a lot of people including myself only just received them. A worthless offer really.


Some friends got theirs 8 days early from networks directly and got freebies like the free VR, bluetooth speakers, SD cards etc etc. Ordering from Samsung got me nothing but hassle having to ask the wife to wait at home for a delivery that never came, two days in a row. 


Not good matey. 

@RyanM The 360 degree photos I took with the Samsung Gear 360 looked pretty good on my S7 edge. On the S8+ the 360 content takes up whole of the infinity screen and I can only describe it as stunning, far better on the S8+. The S8 is just better than the the S7 in many ways. Even the battery lasts longer, a full 12 hours plus with screen brightness at 90%, streaming TV, playing music, wireless data connectection my NAS, basically on all day as I set it up, and I even made a phone call or two. 


@Valenni I don't know how the Samsung incentives work. I had no intention of buying a S8, deciding instead to wait for the Note 8 maybe. But when Samsung emailed me with the paypal 24month interest free credit and free one year damage insurance, I couldn't type the order quickly enough on their site. Quickest impulse buy for me ever. The S8+ arrived quickly, I would have been OK with a few days more, some get it quick others have to wait for the logistics to happen. It arrived with a free black Samsung shopping bag (thanks Samsung), and a nice cloth wallet to wrap up the phone. I'm just saying that I got a good experience from Samsung and hope others did to.

@RyanM Feedback about the cloth wrap for the phone - I can't use it because I have the Clear View Standing case and which can't fit in that wrap. Any chance of a bigger one I can use with the case?

PS I am @antonp but rushed to order my S8+ so quickly that I ordered with my paypal email address, rather than the one I would usually use for shopping and forums; @antonp. Sorry about the confusion.

I had a similarly terrible Samsung UK experience to you Valenni,  costly, frustrating and time wasting. My S8+ pre-order direct from Samsung UK didn't arrive until Saturday, 2 days after the date Samsung had intimated when getting you to buy into the deal. As I live alone, I wasted 2 days annual leave waiting at home for nothing. The Samsung website and support leaves a lot to be desired. The Samsung UK site tracking showed the item as being 'shipped', while at the same time imforming me 'We are currently awaiting the stock required to fulfil your order'! Later for sometime the link provided led to a Samsung page with nothing but 'Error'. Later still the link displayed a completley different order number with 'All the items in this order have been shipped' at the same time as 'Shipped Dispatch currently being processed'. Phoning Samung customer service was equally disappointing. Greeted by a rushed recorded message, that was a little difficult to understand at times due to the speakers accent, informing everyone that they would receive their Galaxy S8 by the 24th, before promptly hanging up with no opportunity to speak with a Samsung representative. As much as I love all my Samsung devices, I won't be putting myself through the inconvenience and stress of pre-ordering directly from Samsung again. I have saved screen grabs and call recording, which I intend to bring to the attention of Andy Griffiths in the hope that he, with his wealth of experience, can prevent such issues happening in future.

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