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Introducing the Samsung S8 / S8+


Good morning everyone! 


With the official release date of April 28th, customers who pre-ordered can receive their new device up to 8 days early (today being the first day). We're hope you're all excited as we are. 


You'll find some of the key specs below if you haven't managed to take a look just yet. Also, the link to buy the new phone is here >




The new infinity display gives you more when viewing images and videos. The two screens (S8 = 5.8" and S8+ = 6.2") will make watching movies even better, with a 18.5:9 display ratio. The settings can be customised to your preference. 




The front camera is 8MP and the rear camera 12MP. Both aperature's are F1.7 which makes for great filming and pictures in low-light conditions. Recording videos is available in 4K and there's also a new feature with stickers (much like the Snapchat filter) which comes as default. 




We're introducing the first 10nm processor to be used in a Smartphone. Furthermore, the 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage will make gaming better than ever. We're really excited about DeX which we will be sharing more info about shortly. If you're interested now, check this link



We're happy to answer any other questions you've got about the S8/S8+ as well. Enjoy the new phone:) 


Would love to give feedback. Dont have my device yet...... bit of a let down on samsungs part considering the promise " pre order and receive 8 days early " Tomorrow it is then 😔

I have to agree. If ordered/paid weeks ago and waited patiently for that promise of 8 days early it all now starts with a disappointment. One thing surely that Samsung can do is get their customer services right and deliveries as promised.
Superuser I
Superuser I

Got to say the screen is looking a little pink (even after changing settings on the adaptive display) but only noticing it on white screens it appears to be in zertical lines, it may be just the effect of the new type screen but it is going to take some getting used to, apart from that the phone is nice and the iris unlock works well, the sound through the "Tunned" by AKG headphones is nice. and it fitss so well in to the hand (I am a lefty) and the find the finger print scanner no problem to get to. Did the standard option changes and have it running nice to how I love it to run. I am unsure if I can say 100% yet but this may just be one of the best phones I have ever owned.

Regarding the red tint, there are calibration tools to fix it;
After hearing the US get a free VR headset and we get nothing, I was told to be grateful to get the new phone 8 days early. Seems that's not the case.

I pre-ordered on the 31st of March, nice and early. On the 19th is says shipped, then on the 20th it changed to awaiting stock, then it changed to shipped and it would arrive today, about 10.30pm last night I was given a Royal mail tracking number which is not in the system yet and the post office don't even have a record of the tracking number.

Friends who only ordered it last week through networks got theirs right on time, Samsung direct customer sadly don't get that level of service. I have to question why Samsung advertised the pre-order offer right up until the last minute when they could not fulfil pre-orders from the 31st of March?

Terrible, terrible service Samsung. Terrible.
This is the first time I've ordered a mobile direct from Samsung (at the beginning of April) and so far so good; it was delivered within a day of my expectation. The service they used, UKMail were very good and delivered promptly and with good notifications.

Well, I ordered before you and I have had the opposite experience.


An advisor was to call me after 30 minutes to see why my delivery was not tracking on the system, that was 2 hours ago. 


Customer service: Zero

Superuser I
Superuser I

Low light is really good I took some last night walking the dogs but the image size limit stops me posting them lol will have to do a work around @RyanM


Big dogs huh :winking-face:  If I have any images which show how the S8 camara works out I'll put them up on my site.

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