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Instagram Stories issue on S7 still a problem since Oreo update


Hi All

I've seen a few threads here regarding Instagram stories problems since some phones updated to Oreo. Since my S7  updated in July I haven't been able to upload videos, bomberang or gifs onto my Instagram stories!! I get the black screen with the posting icon rotating in the bottom left corner.  I've uninstalled and cleared cache numerous times and nothing works. Is there any solution yet Samsung??? I know it's a first world problem but I use my phone for business, getting really frustrated and I'm about ready to change phones!!! Thanks

Thank you so much for posting this! Ive been experiencing the problem for almost 4 months and samsung seems they doesnt care to fix for this. I can now post in insta story like before. You're a hero! Thanks!

This problem has not yet being dealt with, im using the most up-to instagram version, with up-to date Oreo update and I've done all the cache cleaning but the problem still is very prominent. Samsung please send your customers an update to fix this problem. 

Thanks for posting the solution but for some reason I think mine was resolved this week. Not sure what update fixed it but I have managed to upload videos using gifs again. 😊

@MasukaH wrote:
Hi there!

Are you still having this issue with Instagram? Is the app up to date too? Let us know, we'd like to assist!


I am using a6 plus I have been having issues with using Instagram. Every time I try to open the application it just hangs and now recently it started randomly uploading pictures from gaalary into live feeds which is worrying. Please assist on this 

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Hey dude, are you sure this is the problem with the phone maybe issue in the instagram or at least in the OS. I had almost the same problem only I couldn't upload the video to my instagram at first I thought it was trouble with my phone but it turned out that this is because of the autolike to instagram posts service that I once used by the way a great thing and not bad raises the rating and subscribers but for some reason I couldn't post the new videos and it annoyed me in the end a few days passed and everything began to work as before. I still can't figure out what the problem was there's always something going on with these phones Maan)

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