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Instagram Stories issue on S7 still a problem since Oreo update


Hi All

I've seen a few threads here regarding Instagram stories problems since some phones updated to Oreo. Since my S7  updated in July I haven't been able to upload videos, bomberang or gifs onto my Instagram stories!! I get the black screen with the posting icon rotating in the bottom left corner.  I've uninstalled and cleared cache numerous times and nothing works. Is there any solution yet Samsung??? I know it's a first world problem but I use my phone for business, getting really frustrated and I'm about ready to change phones!!! Thanks


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Hello !, I found the solution, the only thing to do is join the instagram beta tester program in the Play Store, once done, update the application that will appear, and voila !, instagram will work again with the videos and the gif !, I attached a video, is in Spanish but visually you can understand if there is any doubt

Greetings from Mexico, I hope it works!

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Hi there!

Are you still having this issue with Instagram? Is the app up to date too? Let us know, we'd like to assist!


Hi there.


I have the same issue in my S7. I installed yesterday some Samsung updates. Since then, I can no longer upload stories or posts l. They all stay uploading forever, never ending. I tried a story with only text, and got it uploaded only once out of three attempts.


Actually I'm waiting for two posts to get uploaded. Tried last night. Retried. Ended task. Forcedly ended it too. Restarted device. IG up to date. Samsung of course up to date. Still when retrying to send, stucks in upload process. Ttied other wifi nets, tried mobile network too. Nothing works.


I've got the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) after Oreo update.
Instagram stories with GIFs cannot be uploaded. Actually I can publish posts and also stories with no GIF.

Today I received another Samsung update but I'm afraid it'll only be worse with IG.

What kind of update did you installed yesterday? Was it August's security patch?

Same issue. Posting loop whenever trying to upload instagram story, specifically with .gif. No issue before update to Oreo. Problem persisted for months without any fix and all Samsung support do is asking if you updated Instagram, reinstalling Instagram or clearing cache. Come on Samsung, I even tried to factory reset my phone. It's obviously a firmware glitch. Just incase you require more awareness regarding this issue. Kindly check out XDA & reddit:

Why has this problem still not been fixed?
I can upload videos onto stories now but cannot add gif to them. The gifs seem to be the problem

I have the same problem and its driving me crazy. sometimes even regular photos with zero edit cant be posted. FIX THIS! 

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This problem is getting ridiculously. The support we receive from Samsung is a joke. This problem is happening in every Samsung oreo device for over 3 months and they did nothing. We consumers are definitely not the priority of this company. 

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Still having all of the same issues! Instagram wont even refresh my newsfeed properly after my last update. So frustrating and disappointed with the service from Samsung. (Phone even glitched twice whilst trying to post this comment -with every update brings new issues.) This will be the last samsung i buy. 

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