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Instagram photo uploading issue


Hi. Is there anybody else having issues when uploading a perfectly taken photograph from s8+ to Instagram.  This issue seems to lie with Samsung and not instagram.  I know instagram lessens or decreases the picture or video quality when uploading, however none of my friends experience this issue as they have apple phones. Its so annoying and frustrating. I've googled it and there are many others experiencing the same issue but unfortunately I still can't find a solution. 

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Same problem!! Post 1 pic, then have to uninstall and install again! Stories not working at all! All after latest phone upgrade! Not insta gram problem!

Hey @Paulie1 and @Liesbet123 ! Let's look into this! How are your phones performing now? If the issue is still persistent what troubleshooting steps have you tried? :robothappy:

I made sure Instagram updated. Everything in Instagram as it was's a business account. Nothing works well since the Samsung upgrade. I can only post 1 pic, then need to uninstall the app and install again. Manage to put 1 picture on my story in 4 days!! Normally I am very active on it as for business.

My pictures and videos are perfect when I take them using the camera. They are also fine when I view them in the phone gallery. However, Once I upload them to Instagram, the quality is blurry. I've tried around with the settings on my camera but nothing works. Don't think there are any settings on instagram. When I try and Google a solution, I read a few articles saying that it's a Samsung issue or it appears worse on a Samsung that any other phone. I know Instagram also reduces the quality but it seems to be worse on Samsung phones. 

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I can view stories and create stories but I can't take photos through the Instagram app for my feed. Anyone else having that issue? 

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I m also having the same issue i take some pictures and that day i can find it in my instagram but the photos one day older arent shown they are just showing me blank its happening in all of my samsung phones

 @Johnsont4224 @Tanishq  are you experiencing these issues with any other app? What troubleshooting steps have you taken so far?


No only on instagram i cannot see my photos after 1 day

When I had Redmi Note 4, I also faced that issue. That is happening when you clear cache memory via Cleaner app. 


Maybe you have set it to clean daily at certain time or when its near the limit. When you disable that option for auto cleaning you will not have this problem again. I guarantee you that !

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