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Ideas For New Generation Of Mobile

(Topic created on: 08-06-2021 10:30 AM)
Ghulam Rasool
First Poster

Hello to all the hard working engineers of Sumsung

Today, all the smartphones that different companies produce and market to the market have almost reached the end of the line, because all of them are on the same level, only they differ in their operating system, and many more, their performance is the same.

The new generation of smartphones that I want to produce in the market will solve the following problems.

  • 113 Phones are stolen every minutes in the U.S
  • 200 Phones are left in NYC cabs every day that 73000 a year
  • According to lost/stolen Phones cost American $30 billion a year
  • Meanwhile, the top places to loss a phone are at fast-foot restaurants, drag stores, grocery stores, coffee shops and the office respectively
  • The infographic also reveals more about smartphone theft in various city for example, phone thefts make up 40% of all robberies in New York City, and IPhone account for 70% of cell Phones stolen on public transportation, such as subway and buses

New smartphones that you have the ability to produce and market in the market cannot be stolen and will not be forgotten.

If you invest in this type of smartphone, you will not regret it, but your company will be in the first row.

Before I tell you all the details of the new generation of smartphones, I need to understand a few important questions.

First of all, if this idea is accepted by you, under what conditions are they willing to buy it?

Secondly, how can I share all the details of this idea with you so that I can be sure that this idea will not be stolen?

It should be said  my  English language of is not so good, I translated the text of this email in Google Translate


With respect

Ghulam Rasool Padash