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Ideas for Best Galaxy Ever - S23

(Topic created on: 06-02-2023 03:54 AM)

Let me give you 5 reasons Why external Storage is important:
1- SECURITY - You can't trust the cloud. Google already suspended accounts because some people uploaded their own nudes. Ai can put a red flag and suspend your account. That means no privacy. Not to mention Data leak of personal files. Samsung ended their cloud for a partnership with onedrive.

2- SPEED - They can say 5G is fast, but if you use your phone for video, for example, the files can be very big and it takes time to upload. Then you are in an area with bad reception or your battery dies and you need the files. What do you do?

3- PROFESSIONAL PHOTO/VIDEO - If you want to make tons of pictures and videos you'll need a lot of storage. A phone with 128GB is useless for that. You need a lot of storage and fast backup.

4- ACCIDENTS - We don't want to break the phone, but imagine that you make a lot of great videos in a place with bad reception, your data didn't have enough time to upload to the cloud and Bammm...your phone breaks. You can't access your images right away and that lead us to a nightmare that is:

5- DATA LEAK - Your phone is damaged with a lot of pictures or videos that you don't want others to see. You know what I mean. Now you have to trust some random technician to fix your phone and hope that this person do not leak your data. If you have everything saved on external micro SD, you just take it out and send for repair with peace of mind.

Solution: Now they sell some Pen drives that you can plug in your USB-C to download the pictures. It works, but again, if your battery is dead or if your phone is damaged, you can't back up your data.

Yes, samsung, there are so many things you can do to trash iphone. Bring external storage back. Terminate this stupid curved screen and think about a removal battery. At least put a battery in a position that is very easy to replace and sell original parts. People will love you more than apple.
Make a pen with pressure sensitivity like wacom so we can edit photos on Photoshop app or similar. That will be the best phone ever.

Samsung Members Star ★★

Hi @GeorgeGalaxy  Whilst removable Batteries might have given some control and flexibility for consumers  much more challenging with current technology and not really compatible with premium/slimmer  designs  and the demand for more components.   see some information here  

By curving a phone it is possible to reduce the width and better utilise the space but will not please everyone and may be  a bit more fagile.

whilst obviously some demand SD card slots unlikely to come back to the premium devices  due to the emphasis on cloud storage (though does not suit everyone) and the larger internal storage now available  (though does come at a premium). However SD cards  are not the fastest technology and can be prone to error.

I do not work for Samsung or make Samsung Products but provide independent advice and valuable contributions.

Go on then, what are the reasons 😂😂

Just use a screen lock. Technicians can't access your data just by opening your phone. 

If you have some "private porn" on your phone - just save it in the secure storage. It will be encrypted and even if the technician will connect your phone storage to another device - they won't get them because of encryption. 

SD cards are useless. SD cards are slow and unreliable. The flash drives samsung uses is WAAAY faster than a stupid SD card with a few strips of metal for data.


Yeah, not a single person I know wants cloud storage, that's right up there with Meta and everyone wants AR, nope! Ask real people what they want instead of telling us what we want! Also, fun fact that no manufacturer can seem to figure out, no one cares about how many mm thick a phone is. Everyone **bleep** a big case on it. Not once have I ever heard anyone complain their phone is too thick, heard complaints about everything else that really effects users, but not the things manufacturers seem to care about.

Fully agree. This new trend of smartphones are not being driven by consumers, but rather manufacturers figuring out how to make a device cheaper whilst still charging more for the said device and selling add ons.