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I'm very sure the answer is simple but I am very new user but need help please guys

(Topic created on: 22-09-2017 11:53 PM)
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Hey all.


I have an emergency detail function on my phone 

While the last phone i had also had this, my new Galaxy S8 has replicated this information 


I have been trying to edit this information but can't seem to find the settings. 


Can someone please help? 


Would be forever grateful 😊



Hi @LeaLeap  it's only  easy when you know how to do it or know the answer 


  Try this first if you press settings and then advanced settings you should see renewS.O.S messages and all the settings to set it up and it should send your location automatically and you can say something for a couple of seconds 

You should be able to send by pressing power button 3 times in quick succession and who your details are sent to

On my S7 EDGE I can send my vocation a quick recording of the couple of seconds  of the the few seconds activate i

but there is a good chance your device as more editing setting 

Although I've not tried this you could practice with you partner or friends phone to see if works but watch any charge notifications and that the energy service's notifications the last thing you want is them turning up no reason but you may be able deactivate that part just to it 

Also you could try YouTube by trying couple of searches  on Google  or you tube  by either saying how to set up Note 8 s.o.s feature one of them im pretty sure will get you  a walk through on how to set it up and you usually get more info than you would get from your device prompts and they also have pros and cons  here is a link


that may have it but I didn't have time to check if the one your looking for but as you said you were struggling you may find few extra feature' you may not know about I learned something from the first 2 tips and there are 20 another couple of interesting sites you may alum find some good info is ANDROID CENTRAL 




I think it is in your phone settings by pressing your phone calls button and the the three dots in to right hand corner and then select settings it will either say send  S.O.S. messages are more settings and you should see it there


Another option could be go into settings and see if you can access it from there 

I use an s7 edge so my device  will either be similar but the setting for that should be in the fist one 


If none of these work if you post back and I'll do a proper search of Samsung and Google to see if I can find the correct way to do it

As I believe like you it is excellent for women and vulnerable people and some people use it if they run not of petrol although I'm not sure about the last one but let us know how you get on 


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Launch your Contacts App. 


Tap on the 3 little dots in the top Rh corner of the screen. 


Choose Groups. 


Choose ICE - Emergency Contacts. 


Choose Edit. 


Make your Changes. 

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