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I’m looking to upgrade my Galaxy S8 to the Galaxy Note20.

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Hi all


I’m looking to get a Galaxy phone to replace my Galaxy S8.


I’m considering the Galaxy Note20 (Regular).

I wasn’t sure where to post this so I just put it in the Other smartphones category, so any moderator can and should feel free to move this post to the correct place if I didn’t put it in the incorrect place.


Is the upgrade worth my while or should I consider the regular S20?

Thanks in advance!

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hi i dont use this app a lot but if you looking for phone advice i suggest you go to reddit they're very helpful their and you will get a response in minutes 👍
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hi I just upgraded my Samsung s8 to new Samsung s20 5G
After 28 days my phone just stop working went died and can't do anything send to repair.
Just thinking is it issues with that model or something else cant say.
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