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Hybrid smartphone concept. External photo sensor and interchangeable lenses

(Topic created on: 15-08-2020 07:54 PM)
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Hello darlings.


As a photographer for 3 years, I have been following the evolution of cell phone cameras and, one thing I realized, is that despite the post processing in today's cell phones have evolved a lot, the quality of the sensors has not evolved that much. Of course, they will say that today we have pixel binning technology. But if we take a raw photograph captured by a flagship 5 years ago and compare it with a raw capture from a current flagship, the differences will be very minor. So much so that if we take a RAW file from a Galaxy A71, F / 1.8 with a Samsung Bright S5KGW1 sensor and compare it to a Galaxy Note 10 Lite, F / 1.7 and with a Sony IMX333 sensor, which is an older, smaller model, and without the pixel binning, the photos with the Note 10 Lite will still be clearer and with less noise.


Each year, manufacturers squeeze insignificantly larger sensors into tiny spaces, in an attempt to capture better details in dimly lit environments, with a lower noise level and also to secure first place in the DXOMARK. Are you going to say it's not true? It is a real war between manufacturers to find out who wins the dispute for almost negligible improvements. So I ask myself: Why keep fighting for these tiny sensors and lenses, if we can elevate the photographic experience of cell phones to a professional level once and for all? Why not turn a cell phone into a mirrorless camera? This would be the perfect solution for both photographers, enthusiasts, and even the average user who is willing to invest a little more to shoot with professional quality, without having to carry heavy and bulky cameras.


I had been thinking about it for a long time. But only last year I decided to create a design of what a hybrid smartphone with bayonet and support for an external sensor like APS-C or even full frame could be. I sent the project to Samsung, but in my attempts to contact, the answers are always standardized, copy and paste. Samsung definitely doesn't value customers' opinions or ideas. So I updated the project again this year and I'm sharing it publicly here. I would be happy just to know that Samsung was interested. Or if interested customers themselves shared that idea with Samsung. Maybe one day this idea will reach their mobile engineering sector. I have no commercial or financial interest in this idea. I just ask you to keep the credits of the project. Project images below. Thank you!