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How to remove voicemail notification


How do I remove the voicemail notification from my notification/status bar?


How does this work?

I've gone into each of the 3 phone apps, storage, clear cache. When I go back to the next phone app the cache is back again on the one I just cleared! 


Sorry i have tried both options several times cant get it to work


I tried your clear data and cache thing on the 3 phone apps. It didn't work. I still have a "1" notification on my voicemail icon in the apps  display on the phone


The only thing that worked to me was asking to someone else to let me a voicemail, listened it and deleted it


Just one note before I explain, this thing is loco and makes no sense why anyone would program an application this way.

So here goes:

1. Pull down so you can see the notification

2. Touch and hold on notification, this will give you the only app you need to clear the data from

3. Touch the top part of the screen only

4. Touch the item that says storage, this will bring up a "delete" data button

5. Press "delete" data button

6. Confirm that yes you DO want to delete the data


This should get rid of the icon until the next time you completely turn off your phone or someone calls and leaves a message. Then it's steps 1-6 each and EVERY TIME! 


Yep, a total pain, probably cause i don't feel I've finished by work on my phone if I haven't gotten rid of all the icons. Also a pain for those who really need to know if someone indeed did really leave a voice message or not. Samsung totally needs to fix this.


I hope this works for you.




Came here looking for the solution to this only to see that Samsung has not prioritized this. Wow. I retart my phone every night so even the 6 step solution above would need to be performed daily. Will return my watch soon if there's really no solve for this.

It worked the first time (only once) using Option 2 but Option 1 seems fine. Many thanks community.


I have listened to all my voicemails. I have deleted all saved voicemails. I have nothing in my voicemail que to listen to. I have gone to the three phone apps and cleared the data and cache. As soon as the phone cycles in and out of service due to loss of signal the notification comes back. Yet there are no new voicemails. Samsung Galaxy S7. Can anybody help me get rid of this voicemail notification permanently but still allow me to get notifications when a new voicemail actually does arrive?


Hello, I dont understand what this means? When I long hold the notification, all I get are options details or save. Then when I go into details it brings a screen that says Sim 1, details cannot be changed?!


Hello, I tried both methods and the notification disapear but in half hour appears again and I dont have any voicemail. 

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