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How do i upgrade my samsung s8 with model number SM-G950FD to Oreo

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I have a S8 with Nougat 7.0 trying to update to oreo  but I am yet to get the update pushed to my phone, let me add I am in Nigeria, Lagos to be precise. I visited Samsung Care and was told my phone is not for the region (heard was made from Korea or something given my Model number) that i have to take it back to where i bought it and they won't be able to help me.


Can someone please help me out or give me a hint on how to go about it, Also my phone is unbranded.

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Superuser I

Your dependant on waiting for the update to be sent out by the country of origin @Oluwalaad 


Updates are sent out driven by the phones build and serial number.


An official update would show in your phones software update section and or try the Samsung smart switch on a computer.


If your phones secure and stable then I wouldn't advise using anything like a Custom Rom.


Another thing to think about is what Oreo brings to your phone extra to the firmware your on now. You may find it's not lots. 


Security updates however are more important. 



My advice comes from being a UK Samsung Phone User.

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