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hotmail server settings on galaxy s7 - unable to send emails or calendar apointments



Having loads of problems setting up my hotmail account on my new samsung galaxy s7, in the native email app.

I have used various settings, the most recent being:

email address:
domain\username: \
server settings - exchange server:
Use secure connection (SSL) - checked.
Use client certificate - unchecked.

I click on DONE and get the following message: "Unable to set up account. Unable to connect to server."

The email account seems to be partially set up so that I can receive emails.


  • But I can't send emails (they just sit in my outbox),
  • nor can I invite people to calendar appointments (the invitations appear to send from the calendar, but the actual appointment emails fail to send and then I've found some sitting in my outbox, saying there are no recipients, but when you open the emails you can see the recipients),
  • and my calendar doesn't sync properly, so no new appointments show when I log into hotmail in a web browser, or when look at my calendar in MS Outlook on my computer.
  • I can't accept calendar appointments.  I click accept, but they don't get added to my calendar.

I've tried setting up manually, using all the different server settings I can find anywhere. I've deleted the hotmail account several times to start again from scratch.

I live in the UK.


Android version 7.0.


Please can someone help me?


I have a S9 with the same issues but I do not have a PC ..... does anyone know how to do this without a PC?


I am having the same issue on my Note 6. I completedly deleted hotmail and added back on. However, when I log into my account online and look at the device, it still says "quarantined". How do I fix this?


I finally got my hotmail to work on my S8+
For months, my hotmail wasn't working, I can only receives (partial, some image seems to not show up), but cannot  send out at all. If I log on to the web hotmail, under settings, and scroll down to "view full settings", and select "general", and under "mobile device", click "edit" icon, it will say device "Quarantined". So, I just deleted that.

The trick for me was, when you add the email account to your phone, don't use MS Exchange server, instead, use normal Email account. But becareful, even if you select normal email, it can auto detect your domain to be hotmail and automatically jump to ms exchange server. So to prevent that, just type in the email address, don't type password, select "manual setup" and select "IMAP". It will still jump to MS page but its no longer using MS Exchange server. it will use POP and SMTP. 


Now my hotmail is back to normal, I can send and receive full emails. And if I log on to web hotmail, the mobile device shows "Access granted".


I followed the instructions of the solved reply and I still have issues to add my Hotmail account to my s7 running Android 8, do anybody know if the problem it's Android 8?

I ask because before the update I was able to setup and use my Hotmail account without any problems 


This guide will show you how to sign in to on your device ? Report your problems or discover all FAQ about Hotmail.

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This worked for me too! Thanks so much

I bought s9 few months age....i was having issues searching my website on Phone. It is showing some sort of error. Is it problem in phone chrome?

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i would recomendend to desintsall and resintall the hotmaill app and after try to sign in again with your hotmail account.

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Nice as i have b ought s7 2nd hand....It was having alot of Server Setting issues....After after reading alot of tutorials here....i am able to solve it. Moajorly my new website address was sent of email and i was having trouble. 


Hi there. I`ve tried all that. Everything is correct, and it still doesn`t work. I just keep getting the "Unable to connect to server" message. Annoyingly, it used to work fine, but since I did a reset, the Hotmail address jusrt won`t work. I have a BT emailk account that works fine on the same app. The app bythe way, is the email app that was on the phone as standard, and the phone is an elderly S3 Mini. It`s old but works fine, well, apartfrom this problem.

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