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grey box over images?

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On my S7, I have no issue with viewing images in the gallery app but when I'm in an app such as Instagram, almost all images show up as gray squares (except for ones I've gotten since this started happening). I've tried resetting my Instagram app and all other affected apps, and force closing gallery but it won't stop doing this. I don't have an SD card, so that's not why (another thread cites this reason). Any idea how to fix this?Screenshot_20190710-181504_Instagram.jpg


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Hello. Unfortunately I can't help you but I can tell you this "grey box" is a huge issue all over the world. I have had problems where I take pictures and can see them in Gallery but later pictures have been changed to grey boxes. Those grey boxed pics have all the original pictures data and they are foobar.jpg -formats and even if I upload them on my PC I can't see them with any app. Apps complain about "It appears we dont support this format".

I have had this problem since 2016 with Galaxy S7 and J5. I really don't understand why Samsung doesnt correct this issue. Waiting for answers with you.

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