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Green line down the edge of screen

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Just now and all of a sudden, a green line has appeared along the right hand edge of my s7 edge. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it? Not sure I can return a phone that I've had for 13 months...


When the always on display is on (when I press the power button to shut the screen off) the green line disappears, but when I wake the phone up again it appears again. Now it seems that the green line is flickering as well.


How do I get rid of this?!


Try pressing on the top (black) part of the screen at the top of the green line.  There's obviously a fault in the display but this might sort it for a while.


@BandOfBrothers wrote:

[...]Ive not seen as many instances reported on the s8 / s8+ / Note 8. 


Ive seen quite a few s7 and s7 edge models with this issue. 


Hopefully Samsung are taking note and putting some quality checks / testing in place to remedy this known issue. 



Yeah.. they did. Now on my 2 weeks Note 9 I have a thinner one, not so obvious 😂


NOW i cant see anything from my screen. Because its totally white. Even hard reset soft reset did not fix the problem. It happened not more than 2 years i bought and use the samsung 7Edge. Compare to my samsung note II i still can use it till now since i bought 6 years ago. Now im using Huawei! NO MORE HEATING PROBLEM EVEN AFTER PLAYING GAMES FROM DUST TILL DOWN...:) GOOD BYE SAMSUNG.

I have 7edage ,there's a green line on the left under the middle of 3 dots on top of the phone. It appeared many times over a year, then disappeared after trying to fix with *#0*#.It didn't fix it. Trying use finger to pressure on top around the 3 dots couldn't fix it either. It used to work before now it didn't. If pressing too much pressure more lines come up and getting thicker. I felt that every time I put my phone in the pocket, the green vertical line comes up, most of the times. I am afraid of putting my cellphone into the pocket.

I am currently new user of a samsug galaxy note 10+ . Im currently experiecning the right hand side of the edge screen with a clear opaque green line with a couple of thin translucent purple line. Can anyone advise? Thanks!


When I was charging my Samsung Galaxy A8 this morning, out of nowhere I got a green line on the left hand hand of my screen, I tried following the instructions given but no luck, what can I do 

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