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Green line down the edge of screen

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Just now and all of a sudden, a green line has appeared along the right hand edge of my s7 edge. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it? Not sure I can return a phone that I've had for 13 months...


When the always on display is on (when I press the power button to shut the screen off) the green line disappears, but when I wake the phone up again it appears again. Now it seems that the green line is flickering as well.


How do I get rid of this?!

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 Same problem here!


How do you access the color panels that you mentioned. You said something about a your phone app but idk where that would be or where to search. If you could clearify that, then that would be splendid.

why its failed? its is because the phone is bad quality? when i leave it charging by turning the phone totally switch off either using wireless charging or usb charging in room temperature, the phone is getting hots. now the green lines increasing becomes 4 and i expecting it will keep increasing as times goes by... poor me
try this test run:

1. From the phone dialler, enter *#0*#.
2. Select Red, and then tap the screen.
3. Select Green, and then tap the screen.
4. Select Blue, and then tap the screen.
5. Select Black, and then tap the screen.

Thank you for this. The color recalibration worked and the vertical green line across my s9 disappeared. 

I have a A8 and have a green line down the edge Iits two weeks old! 

Hi @Andrea659. HAve you tried the method that @Maesteoguido recommended? If that doesn't work, it might be worth returning your phone to the retailer for a replacement as you've said you only bought it 2 weeks ago.

i've the same problem how to get rid of it? 

i tested it as u say ....but black is not what do i do?

Green vertical line appeared a few hours ago.

@Maesteoguido's solution worked on my S7. Thanks

I  also thought the black did not respond.

I repeated several times and restarted twice.

Screen is now back to normal.

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