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Google Assistant for Galaxy Watch

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I found a google asstant for for galaxy watches. It really works great. 

You will have to generate a secrets.json and put it on you phone somewhere. Anywhere. It is need when installing the phone companion app.

Installation instructions

First generate the secrets.json file using tutorial below:
Video tutorial:
Put it in a folder on your phone. Folder name does not matter. You need to browse to it later when setting up phone app.

Install GAssist.Net app from Galaxy Store. Open Galaxy store and search for Gassist under the apps tab.
Or, got to this link on your phone.

After watch app is installed. Open it. Give it permissions. Watch will say "Companion app is not installed. Check your phone".
The phone will light up and the Google Play Store will open to the Gassist companion app install page. Click install. Click open. Give it permissions and follow the authentication instructions.

Found it here





It works well for just asking general questions, but unfortunately for me the most important for a watch assistant is to be able to set reminder, alarms, send messages, etc, which does not work with GAssist, which doesn't communicate with the system.

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