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Google and Android 12

(Topic created on: 29-10-2021 06:38 AM)
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After my Pixel 3XL died after a firmware update I decided to get a Samsung phone as Google initially wouldn't replace as the unit was 1 month out of warranty. Many other Pixel owners had similar issues with their phones bricking and Google not willing to do anything.

After 7 months they finally replaced it and it just now used as a backup phone, incase I had similar experience.

I've been extremely happy with my S20FE5G and probably won't switch back to Google phone, especially after Android 12 was pushed to it this morning and after updating it could not even load it own Pixel Launcher and thus went into a bootloop.

The only way to resolve was a full factory reset, loosing everything on the phone and forcing it to be reset up again, buy luckily only had a few apps installed.

So just think, having the latest update pushed to you is not always a good thing and nor is having a Google Pixel device.