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galaxy s9 update deleted pictures

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The recent software update this afternoon seems to have deleted all of my pictures. All my pictures are automatically saved to a micro sd card and it keeps telling me my card is now corrupted thanks to this update. It told me I needed to format it to be able to view it, so I did and now all my pictures are gone. Someone help?

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Hi @eccino


Before updating firmware a person should really create a back up of the phones info and remove the Sd Card. 


By reformatting a Sd Card you have wiped it so the pictures will be lost. 


I had this happen to me a while ago so I know have Dropbox that my pictures auto copy to now. 

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Alongside what @BandOfBrothers has said, it's worth checking Google Photos or Samsung Cloud to see if there are any backups of the photos that were lost.



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If there is no backup, I think you can follow this tip to get back you photos: how to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy S9

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Before you format it, I suggest your taking backup data on it to pc. Cause if the data were formatted, it's impossbile to get them back. You can use Samsung mobile manager to help you back up all data on it within one-click.

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