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Galaxy S8 won't call or text n

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My s8 wont call nor text, I can't receive calls or texts but I can use my mobile data. 

When I call it dials but wont ring then it just quits.

I have signal.

I have tried a hard reset, network reset but i cant seem to fix it.

I tried my friends sim it worked, and I know for a fact that my sim works.

I am on the latest update any reply will be gratefully apreciated.



Then the problem is somewhere in your settings. I would recommend you contact your carriee and ask for the correct settings (like APN and those stuff)

I am sorry I couldn't help you further:(

No worrys thank you for the time




Did you manage to sort this out?

I've got the same issue.


Everything is working except for voicecalls.

Data is fine but cannot make or receive any calls.

Already replaced the sim card as well and had my number ported over but didn't work.


Sims are working fine in another phone and another sim (Different carrier) works fine as well. 

It used to be operational for 1,5 years before but just died on me.

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Hi All,

I am also facing the same issue did you guys found any solution.

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