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Galaxy S8 won't call or text n

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My s8 wont call nor text, I can't receive calls or texts but I can use my mobile data. 

When I call it dials but wont ring then it just quits.

I have signal.

I have tried a hard reset, network reset but i cant seem to fix it.

I tried my friends sim it worked, and I know for a fact that my sim works.

I am on the latest update any reply will be gratefully apreciated.



Hello Pablitoxxx,
try disabling the VoLTE option. Maybe your carrier doesn't support it.
To do this go to Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->VoLTE calls

I cant seem to see Volte calls in the settings


Hello Pablitoxxx,

1-Make sure that call barring is off (Open the Phone dialer app >Open the (Call) Settings ->More Settings > Call Barring > Voice Call > Make sure the All Outgoing Calls and All Incomming Calls options are switched Off or greyed out.

2- If 1 didnt work try switching the network mode from LTE or 4G to the another option (for example 3G/2G or WCDMA/GSM) this will make your signal strong.

3- If 1 and 2 didnt work boot up into Safe mode and try. If it worked it means there is a 3rd party app effecting your calls

When I go to the call app settings and click on more settings, it loads then shows "Failed to read data" "Network or SIM card error".

And the "Show my caller ID" is greyed out as well has the "call waiting"

In safe mode it showed me call not sent.

Did you try your sim-card in another phone?

Yes I have tried my sim in another phone, I have tried 2 sims on my S8 one worked while the other one didnt.


Does your Sim-Card work in the other phone?

Yes it does, but how come my S8 can use mobile data but cant send calls ?

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