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Galaxy S8+ vertical lines on screen

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Anyone had vertical lines showing on the right side of the screen? Only had the phone 2 days, and has only appeared today.


Does this sound like a screen issue? Will be going back to see if i can get exchanged but was wondering if anyone has had this issue?




I have a vertical green line on the right hand side of my phone was absolutely fine then just appeared I only got the phone end of October 2017 what could this Be? I also tried doing the red green blue and black thing and the line still appeared..


Thats almost the same as mine.. its hopeless to try fixing it. Just try to google samsung customer service chat .your phone is new ... so it is still under warranty the samsung customer service will give you a ticket number to send your phone in.. dont worry it will be free of charge and thry work fast too.. my only takes 1 week. The problem of that phone is thr screen lcd. 


 Sorry for my english im a filipino so i suck 😄



I was worried that i had broke my s8, however other people are having the same problem. 


I have started seeing ghost lines on the screen faded in the background from previous apps and horizontal and vertical lines i have had open and now the keyboard is doing the same, this only started happening about 2-3 weeks ago. 


Can anything be done about this? or do i need to take it to a shop to be fixed. 





Try swiping the bar to the left. It is where apps you use the most can be accessed quickly.

LOL ^ this guy..



@GungWahAjung wrote:

I'm using samsung galaxy s7 edge and have the same problem. But after i using it by looking at hd movie the line dissapear. But now it come again. I think this is a software bug. I hope samsung will fix this.

Hi I looked into it further and it turned out to be a feature it's a short cut to apps... I looked on utube to turn it off all fine now...felt a bit daft to be honest ..but happy it's not a fault... give this ago if you haven't already 

LOL ^ seriously, these people...


Well... after sending my samsung 8+ back to the samsung service center on jan 10, and being told first that they would fix it promptly, I then recieved a message they did not have parts to fix the screen, and they would pay for a refund. After a multitude of calls, now it is Febuary 3 and I have still not even been provided with any service whatsoever! The service I have recieved is horrible, and they now are telling me, even though they cant fix my phone, they havn't decided they will agree to pay for it! They have had my phone for a month, done nothing, and apparently are using a bait and switch game on the phone to avoid paying for the phone, or replacing this brand new phone. I will be reporting this to the better business bureau. Samsung has my $1000.00 phone, wont fix it, and wont send me a replacement, or refund my money as they agreed to do! Now  they are taking down each post I place here! Thanks for all your support with your faulty product Samsung!!


That aint right but i would suggest to chat with them again ..  most of their customer service i talked to before was nice.  And posting here won't really resolve your problem with your phone. 


Just keep messaging them in samsung customer seevice chat.

And as far as i know they dont give a new phone anymore . They only fix phones now .
Hi, I have a samsung s8+ & I just ran these tests as instructed above because my phone also has a bar running down the right side of the screen near the edge. During the test the bar was only visible with the green & blue screens. Is there any way to go about fixing this without replacing the screen?

That is the setting I was using when this happened to me  .how do you fix it?

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